Sunday, August 09, 2015

My beautiful son turned 3 over the weekend. He's never had a big birthday party so we thought we'd do something extra special for him. He wanted a super hero party at home - taking advantage of our front lawn and living space (which I've wanted to do for a long time) and utilising things we already had around the house, I thought I'd share with everyone these inexpensive tips for home birthdays. 

We borrowed tables and chairs from the day care centre - hung pennant banners and balloons and hired a bouncy castle. 

Instead of fizzy drinks, we opted for cordial in this cute drink dispenser we scored from Kmart for $20 
We purchased these pop-corn boxes but I'd recommend if you had the time and resources - print them. There are so many websites with printable templates. 
on site i love for Printables is this one specifically for pop corn boxes
however there is a tonne out there if you Google ;)
Little children are so easily pleased. We ensured there were lots of snacks throughout the day and had a barbeque for them before birthday cake. They spent their time running a muck and entertaining themselves on the bouncy castle 
And my little Hulk loved his avengers birthday cake that my brother-in-law purchased for him. 
a place called The White House here in Gisborne
has a super talented girl who makes the most amazing cakes

He was so spoilt with gifts - it's so beautiful and heart warming to see your children happy. 

This was the most inexpensive - laid back - easiest birthday or party I have ever thrown. The clean up afterwards took less than an hour and all the children were exhausted from playing. 

I would love to hear your guys tips on home birthdays and DIY's you have to save on costs. 

Needless to say - thanks to my brother-in-law who afterwards took my children for the night - my best friend and I curled up for chats & treated ourselves to a bevvie. 

To celebrate being a mum. 

- Stay Beautiful

Xo The Other Side ox

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