Wednesday, August 12, 2015

you've probably heard of Senso shoes
yes? well of course you have!
I remember when Jeffrey Campbell Lita's were all the rave
everyone had them, wanted them - made knock offs
but we'll rant about that another day...
i still have my black Lita's sitting in my closet
you know... for a rainy day
well now, we welcome the Rileys.

arent they so pretty?!
i really try to stay away from trends, but these bad boys melted into my soul
and before i knew it - i had added to cart & was awaiting their arrival.
can i also just add - Senso are top of my list favourite shoe designer of the moment
i get all mine from The Iconic nz
where i purchase most things i own.
are you guys suckers for a good shoe?
do you own any senso babies - let us know in the comment section below
until next time

- Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox


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