Monday, July 13, 2015

 Sisters in Wonderland... impressive huh?!

Okay, so obviously we are little biased - but here we go - first ever post *fist Pumps!* where ever do we start.
So we are Pearl and Nedell (Del) - Sisters who coincidentally both work in the social work industry - guess social working comes naturally when you come from a family of social work/teachers!
Currently, we are both working full time in the social work industry - juggling motherhood, a marriage (well one of us are!) & everything else under the sun... women are pretty magical at that right?!


So Why a blog?! in our busy lives its hard to stay connected with loved ones as much as we all hope we could - so this way we have an extra special excuse to get together over a bevvie or 5 & update each other on new home decor ideas, fashion & beauty products WE LOVE and what yummy things we can whip up for our children - or just to show off fun activies we've been doing with our gorgeous little troops!


Gisborne has been a very magical place to bring up our children - they love the laid back surf lifestyle & we love the culture and experiences here!

Please note,
there is absolutely no structure at all to what we will post. it will mainly be around the beautiful scenery in Gisborne - concerts & shows, Foodgasims, Fashion & Beauty and creative DIY inspo to do with your youngins.

leave us a comment & feedback of what you'd like to see from us & keep an eye out for our next post! we'd love to get to know you guys

Stay Beautiful

xo TheOtherSideSisters ox

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