Friday, September 04, 2015

In our latest getting to know blog we want to introduce you to one of our favourite personal stylists, but we’ll let her do all the talking..
My name is Eliana -Elly and I am a personal stylist based in Wellington. I currently also manage a jewellery store so fashion is my life! I have recently created the right wardrobe so I can change the way I shop and to truly look beyond the price tag.

I created the right wardrobe so I could take ownership of my wardrobe and to know where and who has made my clothes. I no longer see bargains as a good thing I now see parentless children, overworked workers, under paid families and the list truly goes on. I didn’t want to be a part of supporting this anymore, I wanted to help and I feel that the right wardrobe has enabled me and everyone else to help change fast fashion and what it’s doing to people and the earth!
The true cost was definitely an eye opener and the final push I needed to create the right wardrobe. The real inspirations are the people who made my clothes, they are the reason I want to change!
The movement is about changing the way we shop and looking at new ways to shop. I want people to look past bargains and to see that there are amazing alternative places to shop which offer a proper living wage and proof that the workers are taken care of. I also want the knowledge in regards to fair trade, ethical and eco-friendly to be readily available for everyone and anyone so we can all see what is actually happening behind the scenes. 5. Everyone can get on board by liking, following and sharing the right wardrobe. Not only that but interacting with myself so I can source answers for questions you may have, I want this journey to be something everyone can get involved with and pursue themselves. I also definitely recommend the true cost documentary; it is such an amazing eye opener
i hope this has inspired you all as much as it inspired us! it's so refreshing to have people in who generally care about such important yet often overlooked issues in our world.
Eli also shared with us these super cute selfie snaps - she scored these tops from Emporium before her recent trip to Bali.
If you want to follow Elly’s journey and be apart of the movement – she is on Facebook
The Right Wardrobe - is definitely one to watch
until next time
- Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox

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