Friday, October 02, 2015

Im a full time working Mum. oh, how i wish i had the luxury of staying home with my beautiful kids - they've both been at Kohanga (& now one at school) since they were about 6 months old. i honestly feel like i've missed out on so much! and prioritising them above work - at times - has failed me misrably. their Father and i have set up that they are with him every holidays (if all goes to plan - which it hasnt) but even that meant i didnt get any one on one time with them... without distraction! SO - now im coming up to a week leave - YAAAAAAHS - and it hit me... what the heck am i going to do with these gorgeous kids while im on leave... thats 5 days, of amazing 'PLEASE DONT GET BORED' mummy & kiddy time. so here's my top 5 ideas for 'what to do with your kids during the holidays' //  you ready?


1. Camping (ugh)
They love the out doors, and, since we live in an amazingly beautiful place that is coming into the warmer season - we'll take this opportunity to have a little camp out. we've decided that the back yard is the place to be, why not! it's just me and them... so we'll set up camp out the back - it should keep them busy.. and have a little fire and foods & lots of stories under the sun. this is so inexpensive -
- insect repellant... because we dont want them to get bites!
- snack foods - MARSHMELLOWS - for the camp fire
- torches, because kids LOVE torches
- warm blankets - so we can snuggle & tell stories
and if you dont have a tent, you're in the back yard! be creative, use a tarpoline, blankets, GOOGLE how to make teepee tents - which is probably what we'll do. and have fun with it. nothing better for the kids than some amazing outdoor memories.

Either that or we end up in Tolaga with this amazing back drop - it's nice to be from the country 

2. Drive in movie
at home, again... use your set up you already have. we're hoping for an amazing clear sky night that we can prop the TV up onto one of the coffee tables outside, use some of our fairy lights to decorate & have an outdoor movie night! they're excited about this one. im a little concerned (as mothers usually are) but we'll make this work.

3. Arts & Crafts
im all about mess - LOVE IT! and we're a fairly creative house hold. the best thing i've found is to pick something everyone agrees on making // for example, if you all have a pot (for pot plants) and are going to decorate them - go to your local dollar shop & get supplies, such as glue or glitter - anything really - explore at the beach for resources, parks - anywhere - and let the kids decorate their own pot plant. then they can plant a flower & you can teach them cool things about growing things. they'll be super enthused about it. 

4. Swimming Day
we live not too far from Tolaga Bay - where the heart is.
we like to pack up food & drinks & spend the day in the river, the hidden little treasures where not many people go - the fresh little peices of paradise hidden in the bushes - the kids absolutly love it! theres always something magical about those special places. anyway - if not that, than the pools (its so much safer with the little ones for me than the beach) - it'll guarantee everyone an amazing nights sleep afterwards - perfection!

5. Relax Day
the easiest way to keep kids entertained at home while you relax? we like to set up our pennent banners, put up a hammock - make lemonade & just have time relaxing at home. I get major cabin fever so I prefer to spend this time outside - and the kids love the outdoors 

at the end of the day, children just want our time after all - it's just a bonus for any Mum to see you're children have fun & smile. it's what we're all about in the long run. so - in our 5 days of holiday bliss, we'll most likely be planning to do these things (weather permitting)
i'd love to hear what you guys are doing with your bubs these holidays - share your ideas :) im hoping someone inspires me so i have extra ideas in the back pocket xx
until next time

-Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox


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