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Fashion is expressing yourself through clothing. It's a way of owning your identity - being yourself + choosing how you are identified in the big wide world.
Little Miss 6 has a very creative, unique style that is all her own. as you know, children are very picky and particular about certain things - little Miss chooses to be picky about clothing (which is fine with me... usually!)
we celebrated her birthday in November... and like every other year, we have our Birthday outfit. we chose Cotton On Kids this year. 
Pearl + I's Dad is a master carver, he mused that the pattern on the dress resembles tukutuku panels which just melted our hearts! the simple pop of colours matched with lace + cut of the dress is super adorbs! these are now 30% off store wide and online. their summer range is the absolute cutest.
Gold Roman Sandals. they have a zipper at the back + lace up in the front. Miss 6 isnt too fond of them for everyday wear as she states the material is "too stiff for walking" so they're her pretty temporary shoes.
Embelished crown head band - I really loved this. it's just an ordinary head band with Blue felt material embelished with little rhinestones all over.
Bracelet + Necklace:
Rose gold coloured with the same lace rouching as the dress. super cute!

Vintage white circular framed specs. she loves these.
Purchased last year from cotton on kids.


 This entire outfit was purchased from Cotton On Kids - currently 30% off children's clothing. inexpensive + good quality. definately a fave in our books!
Side Note: the little guy is her Brother who enjoyed being a rebel and being bare foot all day!
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