Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Photo Credit: Youtuber Carly Christman.

Part 3 of #MumSeries looks inside our major love of home decorating. We currently found Neutrals Lover Carly Christman on Youtube + have been in complete awe of her video's (see baby room revamp pictured above) & this inspired us to share our DIY adoration + passion with you guys.
if you follow our Facebook Or Instagram you'll know all about our home decorating + diy building antics we are usually doing.
so we wanted to share our top tips + tricks to turning your baby room into a chic | minimalist + neutral loving space for your bundle of baby goodness.
Have A Plan:
*do you want to make everything yourself - or do you have a budget
I always think it's best to use what you already have - especially if they're old because restored furniture has character + an edge that modern furniture doesnt + why spend money when you dont have to.
*Pick a colour theme or any theme you want for baby and go with it.
here in NZ [if you're renting] you cant always paint bedrooms. I find that a colour you think is perfect now may not be later on down the track so neutrals are a win + will suit most changes you make to the bedroom as baby grows.
* plan out how you want the room to look
key things to keep in mind is the functionality of the room, what it'll be used for the most + what you want the feel of the bedroom to be. there is a wealth of inspiration to help you online through 'Blogs', youtube, instagram and especially pintrest + google. get inspired!
*do it yourself projects
when ever we have an opportunity to diy - we diy. we paint. we decorate with art peices for the wall. cute little word inspo for bedroom walls? rather than spend coupious amounts of money on purchasing them online... paint them yourself. it's easier than you think, cheaper + so much cooler.
please note:
if painting your cott, check that the paint will be safe for baby.
Our Top DIY Inspiration:
Pennant Banners, they change the feel of any bedroom - they're cute + cheap + you can make them yourself if you are that way inclined. These are available in every colour and design [especially online] and you can make them at home using almost any material laying around the house.

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Pallett Furniture - DIY, maybe not completely functional initially for baby but they make the cutest peices to the bedroom. Here in NZ you can pick pallet's up for free (bonus) and if you want to make something specifically, the internet is literally on the know for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!
here's our top finds so far - & yes! if you follow us, you already know how pallet crazy we get on the DIY.

Photo credit: www.icreativeideas.com

Photo credit: www.101palletideas.com

Photo credit: Palletfurnitureplans.com
We've also seen some really amazing inspirational bedrooms on pinterest we just had to share with you all. sometimes it's the simple delicate + intiricate decorations that make the biggest impact.

So if any of you guys are about to have a baby, already have babies or just needed some inspiration - like us - we hope you enjoyed this. We find a tonne of joy in mucking in and getting our hand's dirty.
let us know your thoughts in the comment section below + keep posted for our next #MumSeries post
until next time

xo The Other Side ox

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