Thursday, October 29, 2015

or lack of...
it's almost summer... its spring! the weather is beautiful, the days are longer & the thirst is real. like, really real. wont lie - the heat has set in and it's hard to stay on track and focused when you want to lounge around near the water, have adventures - eat cheese platters & sip away on wine & beer... regularly.
we're keeping honest here... with updates on how our progress is going (in this case, NOT going)... we can only speak for ourselves, so Del right here will go first with this bad boy...

Hi, Im Nedell... and I am lazy ass!
it's totally by choice too. there are beautiful walkways here in Gisborne, everyone walks the hills. theres endless classes you could attend - gyms - the beach! but no... id rather spend an entire day at work binge eating - go home and binge eat & drink alcohol & fizzy drinks.
some days are eating days... and some days are not. i lack consistency.
at home, there are cleansing teas, there are cleansing blends, there is all the motivation under the sun - but yes - it starts with you (me) and, for some reason, i just am not doing it for myself - does this happen to anyone else?
i wont make any more excuses. i say us Mum's ban together and support eachother through this hell hole loop of health - i refuse to compare myself to all these women we see everywhere and self pitty for how crap i feel - it's all internal B.S anyway.
we are enough for us! so lets be enough motivation to get healthy together - because as Mothers, its better to be healthy for our children, than unrealistic and full of shit trying to fit a margin of unrealistic expectations forced upon us by society... too much? haha okay ill stop.
but in all honesty - fresh starts & restarts happen. we all fall off the banwagon but if we have good support we should (in theory) have better outcomes. i just need to surround myself with likeminded individuals going in the same direction
lets keep posted on this more regularly... it'll keep me accountable for my actions
-stay beautiful

xo The Other Side ox

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