Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pearl here, & yes! it's almost Christmas time. the time of year when friends and family come together and enjoy eachother - regroup, destress & rear up for another amazing year!
the drinks are cold, the kids are crazy & the food is a never ending pit of delishious goodness. im excited already.
so, as the more orgnaised of us, i wanted to share with you guys my 'Christmas Check-List' for the lead up to Christmas & a few handy little 'tips & tricks' I pull out that help things run a little smoothly.

1. have a plan...
not a fully detailed plan, but an overall plan for the day. we generally decide where Christmas will be, what's on the menu, what we'll be doing for the day & then everything else falls into place. having too many details in a plan for such an exciting time will just stress you out - and we dont want to be stressed, we want to be relaxed.
2. it takes a village...
if you're from a big family like we are, you'll have lived the life of the village (haha). divide up who is bringing what & who is responsible for certain things. it's more inclusive of everyone & it doesnt leave you running around like a mad hatter hostess.
3. Christmas presents...
we generally buy gifts for our spouses and children that open together and then as a wider family unti, we do secret santa for the adults and just buy each of the children a gift. it works out so much cheaper & it's much less stressful only buying for 1 family member as opposed to 20!
4. organise that rubbish...
most things now days are recyclable, we always put out a few extra bins for recycling. it costs to put rubbish out & recycling is free. it helpd the environment & you'll be happy there arent overflowing trash bags everywhere the next day. who wants to spend boxing day sorting out rubbish... not me!
5. organise sleeping...
yes, be wise. if you're having a lot of family over - who will be drinking, make sure there is somewhere for everyone to sleep OR make sure there are safe ways for everyone to get home at the end of the night - a designated sober driver or taxi van booked - but Christmas time is when road fatalities here in NZ are at it's peak - be safe & a little forward planning never hurt anyone.
now these are mostly for the Mummies out there -
1. the night before Christmas..
we usually do a bedtime story on Christmas night about Santa - the milk & cookies are out and you can feel the excitement radiating from your children. what we do is get flour or baby powder & put foot prints from the fireplace to the tree, the tree to the cookies & milk & little thank you note from Santa. their faces in the morning is something amazing - it's the little magical things that warm the heart & it'll give them some wonderful memories when they are older and have their own children.
2. include them in decorating..
pop-corn decorations are simple (depending on age) and kids love pop corn. get some fishing line & string popped pop-corn onto the line. they'll have so much fun. you could even decorate a little area just for their activities for the day
3. Games & activities
have lots of activities and games up your sleeve, children get very easily bored. i found some brilliant ideas on Kidspot i'll be trying this year.
4. dress ups!
my parents are usually Mr & Mrs Claus for the kids, all the adults dress as elves or Christmas fairies. the kids love it & they love dressing up. it gives Christmas a little something special. we're lucky Christmas falls in Summer Time so we have a bit more freedom with costume ideas & outdoor things.
5. no mobile phones...
stricktly no access time on phones. we only have 1 Christmas per year where everyone gathers to celebrate & spend time together. dont waste it on your phone.
more than everything, have fun with your family.
we're completely looking forward to Christmas and cant wait to share our stocking stuffer ideas - DIY & other Christmas fun with you guys
until next time

xo The Other Side ox

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