Friday, October 23, 2015

here in New Zealand, the celebrating of all hallows eve is relatively new - as a child we used to watch Halloween Movies & if you ask most New Zealanders, we arent well informed about where the tradition stems from aside from the information we're taught from movies.

moving on...
Trick or Treating here has only come around in the last few years & companies have jumped at the opportunity to sell merchandise (suprise suprise) but as true Cosmetic Queens we are inspired by some amazing SFX makeup artist that we've been watching for a while on youtube.. Glam and Gore specifically.. MyKie is an amazing makeup artist who's videos represent her love of Glamour looks with her amazing passion and talent for Gore - she is AMAZING! we highly recommend you check her out if you havent already.
so in the past 2-3 years we've been getting into the Halloween Spirit here in New Zealand - who doesnt love the chance to dress up! we've done witches, Scare crows & dressed the kids up BUT this year we've ordered in some amazing SFX products and are going to gore it up for the Halloween shindig we'll be holding.
so here are some amazing inspirational looks we've found so far & hope will inspire you all too...

Photo Source: MyKie 'Glam and Gore' on Youtube

Photo Source:

Photo Source: 


Photo Source:
And for the kids - you ask? (or not, but we'll share anyway)
they are IN LOVE with 'the book of life' - and being HUGE day of the dead fans, it's one we are loving too. so they'll most likely be candy skulls, bull fighters & warriors this year. how exciting. 
if you guys are following our Social Media site's you'll see we're super pumped for Halloween this year.
Happy Halloween guys xo

xo The Other Side ox


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