Monday, August 24, 2015

Eyebrows are sisters - not twins
we all have that one good eyebrow and one wayward little poo!
but today i thought id share my quick
eyebrow tutorial..ish method
i use:
e.l.f eyebrow duo in medium
L'oreal eyebrow gel in medium
small angled brush
spoolie (or an old mascara wand will do)
1. using a spoolie - i brush my brows into place, this makes it easier to line the brows.
2. using the angled brush i apply the e.l.f product by lining the bottom and top of my eyebrow from about 1/3 of the way in
3. following the natural direction of my hairs, i fill in the eyebrow making sure to get any gaps i have in my eyebrows.
4. using the remaining product on the brush and small upward strokes i fill in the front of the eyebrow, this gives a more natural fade effect
5. to keep those bad boys in place i use the L'oreal gel.

my eyebrows generally differ depending on products or what look im doing
but this is basically my monday-friday brow routine
it's quick and super easy once you get the gist of it
- Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox


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