Monday, October 12, 2015

Marriage. The word alone sends some people running for the hills... For me? It was just another chapter in the book of Pearl and Kahu.

So we've been together for about 10 years and last year decided to tie the knot. No big wedding though, we shared this moment with our best friends and my Dad. Simple, drama free & completely and totally us.

Our commitment to each other over the years felt like it needed to be intimate & representative of how we are - simple, carefree and no fuss.

So what I've learnt about making a marriage work so far?

From my perspective, well.. When we first got together I was at boarding school but we had known each other from school. Since settling down and having kids, Kahu and I have spent quite a lot of time workin away from each other. Over the years we've become best friends and the level of love and trust we have for each other and the respect for the life we share with our boys makes everything so easy and simple. 

So my 5 key aspects to make it work? 

1. Put in work
We respect each other. Supporting each others dreams and aspirations are a must! It is hard at times being away from each other but in the long run supporting each other has paid off. It isn't a fight to constantly be around each other (it isn't easy) but we do it to benefit our lives. I've come across so many relationships that jeopardise their career or family and feel torn between the two - but it's unhealthy to resent each other for missed opportunities. It only works as much as you put in work. 

2. Trust // Loyalty
Tadah! Seriously though, trust is a biggie. We have respect for each others feelings and our relationship so we don't put ourselves in situations that would jeopardise our trust. Think to yourself - how would my wife/husband feel about this? In saying that, we know each other - so trust is something we have down pat! 

3. Make time
So Kahu works away during the week & we have a crazy busy house hold because my family are so close - we make sure to spend time together, just us. It's essential to any relationship regardless of the amount of time you've been together. It's so easy to take what you have for granted.. Some people won't admit it, but you need to actively make the time for your relationship to work. 

4. Stay friends 
Those who play together - stay together. I can't even begin to agree more. Laughter & playfulness is a strength in our relationship. 

5. Dream together 
Whether we're planning our life together, our next steps or our own individual career paths - it's together & we support each other completely. 

It's something special when you find your 'one' and get to share your life with them. I hope to share more of our stories with you. Leave me your wedding stories & marriage life in the comment section below xx 

Until next time 

- Stay Beautiful 

xo The Other Side ox 

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