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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thailand - Katathani Beach Resort, Phuket. 

I'm already missing Thailand. The 40+ degree weather, the early morning swimming, the hospitable, kind natured Thai people + the stunning Katathani Beach resort boasting 6 pools, 6 restaurants + pool side bars. 

The beach hosts the most stunning sunsets, there are all day activities and the water is the warmest ocean I have ever had the pleasure of swimming have in. 

We made use of the resorts Thai massage parlours, the best massage, body scrubs and facials a girl could ask for. If anything, I'll miss this the most. You can pick and mix your package massage at the most insanely affordable prices - no booking necessary. The staff are friendly and were more than happy to extend or shorten times of services to suit our needs. 

We spent the day as tourists with the wonderful 'sea Angel' team on a speed boat to phiphi island and some gorgeous land mark islands in between. Relaxed on beaches, soaked in the scenery and snorkelled in their reefs. Be prepared and take sunscreen, it's so hot out there! This adventure took an entire day and we were exhausted afterwards. 

Just up from Katathani resort you can feed and ride elephants, it's less than a 5 minute scooter ride and well worth it. I just didn't have the heart to ride them so we opted feeding them 10 baskets of bananas - lol. Definitely a bucket list tick. 

In all, The people of Thailand are beautiful and lovely, the best Thai food I've ever tasted was at markets in Thailand and the shopping is next to none. We filled bags of gifts and treasures at markets for loved ones and were pretty impressive with our bartering skills once we got the hang of it. 

If you visit, I highly recommend insect repellent, sunscreen and preparing yourself for the heat. It is unwavering and consistent. 

I'd definitely go back. 

xo The Other Side ox 

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