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Monday, November 07, 2016

we recently returned from 7 days of bliss on the beautiful island of Rarotonga with our family... the 32 Kilometer in circumference tropical paradise did nothing but relax us, refocus us and recharge our batteries to end the year xx

Check out -
Te Vara Nui island night... it'a a cultural experience where you get a tour through a traditional village, you learn about the hisotry - get a cool little coconut tree climbing and husking show and then watch an island dance/show with traditional banquet. we tasted the best food on the island at this show. it will not disappoint.

also, check out Buggy Tours - a definite must for the adrenaline junkies out there. you get a tour through a historic land mark and a trip up to the waterfall. if you're amazing at golf - you get the opportunity to win your money back at the driving range before experienceing the most fantastic sammys on the island!

there are also night paddeling tours and kayak/snorkeling everywhere on the island. due to their strick water motor laws they have the most beautiful marine life so if you want to save some money just go down to the beach with your snorkles and get in!

Where to stay?
we HIGHLY recommend Pacific Resort - their pool is away from the dining area so you can swim and enjoy a cocktail. it is well set up for children and the food is as devine as the staff.

there are accommodation to suit any budget or requirements so have a good look around. if you're travelling in a group there are homes to hire - Coconut Haven is located just off the main road and close to a good swimming beach

What to eat?
SEAFOOD!! of course... but really, check out the local markets... amazing and affordable food. otherwise most resorts allow non guests to dine in (and use their pool) if you're wanting something sit down and deliciously special.

in Aitutaki at the markets you'll taste possibly the best fish and chips of your life, waffles and coffee and coconut pancakes...

vili's burger bar - best burgers in the entire world!

and the Tumunu restaurant for share seafood platters... deliciousness

Getting around the island
if you have a motorbike license you're sweet... if not, you need a license to get a bike, you need a bike to get a license. it can be frustrating BUT worry not, most scooter hire places will hire you a bike and provide you with a 24 hour temporary license. you'll need to head into the police station to sit a bike license which all up costs $30 NZD. make sure to get in there first thing in the morning to avoid the lines.

there are buses travelling both clock wise and anti-clock wise... no bus stops so just wave them down.


shopping?... not really. but if you're after pearl's than you're in luck! they sell them everywhere. also, Lavalava (Pareu) and coconut oil which you can use for EVERYTHING (the islands own Kawakawa)

we left a peice of our hearts in Rarotonga

until next

xo the other side ox

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