Friday, October 16, 2015

This week we've
focused on healthy eating.
we wanted to ensure we had a good base for our lifestyle change
we focused on eating healthy and cutting out soda's from our diet
now, i wont lie... it wasnt easy!
but, changing your life'style' isnt. nothing worth doing is ever easy.
anyway - UPDATE TIME!

keeping super hydrated during the day was pretty easy.
cutting out fizzy drinks, coffee & tea (Minus the herbals) was SO HARD
and - one of us had drinks in the weekend - oops!
BUT - we noticed that by giving take aways & quick fix foods the flick
we had so much more energy - felt less bloated & didnt feel disgusting..
we managed to tea tox almost every night
APARENTLY it helps with bloating
& cleanses your insides - amongst other things. 
I've been enjoying my nightly tea-tox
It really has helped with the anxiety

HOWEVER - this cute fruit infuser water bottle
has been by my side since i got it.
it's super cute - right!
get your's here

staying active?
well... one of us does regular gym visits
the other doesnt.
which basically means
one of us worked out this week
the other did not. (the one who had drinks)
so if anyone has any cool lunch time or snack ideas
share with us - we'd love to try some cool new treats.
until next time
- Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox

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