Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute to do list?
dont forget these items xo

It's the week of Christmas - are you guys ready for the amazing celebrations of Christmas Day? here are our Christmas Day Essentials
It's Summer time here in NZ and we all know those ray's are dangerous buggers for our skin and our children. with the drinks flowing, laughs and food we cant stress enough how important it is to slap on some sunscreen. our favourite? Tropic's Sunblock. It just smells deliciously like summer
We just think Ice is an absolute nessesity + highly overlooked. bags of ice cost around $1.99 - $3.00 and are perfect for keeping the drinks cool, adding to the kiddies drinks and storing things in them outside in the sunshine. If you're making your own there are so many cool moulds to use and adding drops of Red or Green food colouring could give them a cute little Christmas twist.
Recycle Bins + Rubbish Bags
Need we say more? wrapping paper (although re-using the pretty ones for other things is even better), empty drink containers, anything! recycle bins and rubbish bags handy are life savers for clean up's once the family and friends leave and after present time. trust us on this one...
Christmas Music
Can we just talk about Michael Buble for one moment *Sigh* we've fallen back in love with his Christmas sound track. Christmas music always sets the scene, mood and magic of Christmas day. That's all you'll be hearing from our house on Christmas Day and we cannot wait!

Cards + Candy Canes
Ever get those unexpected Christmas guests on Christmas Day? having blank Christmas cards to write them a quick card in and popping in a Candy Cane is a sweet gesture and doesnt let them leave the house feeling empty handed. it's such a nice gesture as well on Christmas Day.
Photo Credit: www.christynelson.net

4 More Days till Christmas Lovelies
we hope you have an amazing time.
Until next time

xo The Other Side ox


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