Friday, January 01, 2016


New Year - New You? or just high time to make some Resolutions...

New Year Resolution time!? i know it frustrates some but it's a good time for a clean slate, a new perspective, goals and motivation. we all get excited by the new possibilities a new year bring's and we're all more than happy to shove in some new resolutions - who isnt? ours.. we'll, we're glad you asked.
We've said it before, and we'll say it again - we work super hectic jobs and have crazy home lives. it's so hard to balance the two at times, we dont always get it right but having a good self care plan definately helps out... a lot! whatever this looks like for you, just ensure it keeps you holistically well. that's definately key.
keeping active - you may wonder why exercise would help with balancing work and home life, but let's be clear - the body and mind are intimately connected. you'll be amazed with the amount of energy and enduracne you have just by keeping active. we love Yoga, it gives us clarity and helps with breathing - it does wonders for anxiety (we've personally discovered)
Debreifing our day... daily - running straight from hectic work to a hectic household will run you down faster than you can blink. Having a process between work and home can help a truck load to take off your working hat and put on your home hat. you can do this anyway you like, a chat with someone about your day on the way home, praying, singing to your favourite song or sitting at the beach for 5 minutes to reflect on your day and refocus before heading home.
Leaving work on time - staying late to finish things off? it's not going anywhere. structure your day and plan ahead. leave work at 5 (or whenever you finish). lingering around is unproductive. you're tired, you've been there all day and when you get there tomorrow - the work will still be there.
Planning leave - if you're a Mum, planning to Annual leave through school holidays and Christmas/NY gives you something to look forward to and time off with your children. planning ahead means you know through the year when your leave is coming up and it's a really good habbit to get into.
even writting the word is exciting. we have some over seas excursions planned this year. it will be the year of adventures. watch this space
Lets get serious for a moment please... saving is a must do for everyone. easy way we've found? setting up through your bank for 20% from your income to go directly into your savings account... easy! not touching it, now... that's the hard part.
It's an every year kind of resolution... but let's be real - we arent getting any younger and it's high time to take the bull by the horns and get active! let's continue this journey together. none of us are as strong as all of us. how can we fail if we all support eachother.
This year we aim to spend as much time as healthily possible (is healthily a word?) with our children and loved ones. not every we loved made it through the last year - children grow so quickly and why wait to spend quality time with our loved ones. the time is now!
we all need something new, a blog? possibly. This year we want to give back to our community and the lovely amazing people in it while helping our children learn some much required life lessons.
What are some of your guys NY Resolutions? we'd love to hear them
Until Next Time

xo The Other Side ox

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