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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'll tell you right now - little boys are hard work. background story is required:
Miss 6 is on the lowest part of the spectrum for Autism - this, however, cannot be confirmed indefinitely because of her age. I think she is absolutely wonderful. she is smart, polite, well mannered... she's just her own person. Fantastic. easy-going...
so fast forward, Dad isnt here anymore and I have a 3 year old boy to accompany this 6 year old angel girl. he is ultimately the only male in the house and he definitely rules the roost. He gets attention out the eye balls, he cries when he doesnt get his way - every time. he cries when he sees me... he loves crying. he is a professional crier. it makes me giggle sometime, you know, when im not tearing my hair out.
anyway, in the weekend, he thought it would be a good idea to box his sister in the side of the face because she was watching television. I was horrified! so we're implementing some new strategies into our lives because, yes - it is the parent, not the child.
i acknowledge this.
I also see how middle children (yes, im the middle child) get their "middle child syndrome". ultimately, the oldest child set's the scene. parents can obviously deal with this new child.. then number 2 comes along and they're completely different, by the time you (as the parent) catch on to what's happening, you're onto the next "hiccup" to deal with. then little precious youngest child is born and is the angel of the family. - totally get it.
so i really just wanted to say to the Mother's out there with little boys + and no baby daddy around all the time... i feel you girl.
what i am struggling with though is - what the hell do i do now! so here we go.
1. identify what you as the parent are doing - check. i feel like shit now.
2. strategise around how you are going to change this - check. easier said than done
3. be consistent and fair in your discipline. the child is a good child, the behaviour is bad - check. im weak as hell
so now i'll keep on to this and see how we go. wish me luck!
if you guys have any strategies you've tried then please feel free to help this Momma out!
- until next

xo The Other Side ox

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