Saturday, September 26, 2015

Picture this -
you've finished a long hard day of work - or whatever it is that fills your day.
you pick up your children, they're being 'children' and testing your last peice of sanity.
your mind is focused on
  1. What am i feeding these kids for dinner!
  2. Bath the kids, Pajamas
  3. Cleaning the house
  4. Getting some washing done
and by the time you have a chance to catch your breath
it's so late you just want to shower and get into bed -
IF, of course, you remembered to eat as well.
ahhhh yes, we as Mothers often forget the importance of caring for ourselves
we're consumed by errands, work & family life
amongst friendships, relationships & extended family time.
some may think this is minimal in comparison to so many things in life we could improve
BUT our homes are somewhere we spend the majority of our time together.
we raise our children at home, it's their safe space
we probably made our children there
we relax there, we cry there
we build memories

so yes - when the world is on top of us and we need time out
we go home. we reflect & we move on (Hopefully)
if you want more info - read more here - the article "How to declutter your life and reduce stress"  speaks more in depth about what i want to talk about
& is an over-view of your enire life as opposed to just the home.
super interesting! 
I suffer from Anxiety - if i've had a busy day the last thing i need is to return home to a messy cluttered house. it is THE WORST!
as a Mum i've found that simplicity in the home works best
children are MESSY! theres toys strewn on the floor
colourful peices of art on the wallpaper (cue little Miss 5 approx 3 years ago)
we stand on lego or toy cars in the night on the way to the toilet
there is breakfast cereal smooshed into carpets
unrecognisable peices of food stuffed in the oddest places... YES!
so it does become quite difficult to keep the home you 'want'.
but these simple steps, we've found, help keep your home right
your mind right & teach your bubs a thing or 2.
There is honestly no need to have a million things in every room. for example:
the kitchen & dinning room are to eat, have family meals & chats.
there's no reason there should be a million things everywhere AND lets be honest, it gives the kids a million more places to hide food! focus in JUST the dinning table & pretty it up with a nice fuit bowl, a candle or flowers (you'll soon discover im a HUGE fresh flower girl)
and it makes cleaning up after meals SO MUCH easier.
you'll be suprised at how much more relaxing dinner, breakfast & weekend lunches are in a nice dining area.
so we have the BIG toy box out on deck. that is the designated kids area
my children are well aware that they NEED to clean up their toys when they are done OR ELSE. i mean, obviously they dont always listen and my son just doesnt want to comply but since we've discussed that being the toy area, they comply so much more than usual & this has been how it is for the past 9 months. they have their favourite toys in a little toy box in their bedrooms. this has saved having to chase them around the house about their toys! but theres still one or 10 little strays that i find when i vaccume - which is to be expected.
yes yes, sometimes its faster and more convienient to do it yourself
but if you always include your kids in cleaning up, cleaning after themselves
it becomes a way of life and they start to do these things automatically.
putting dishes on the bench, picking up toys, washing in the laundry - little things like that.
okay - so few little tips.
toys go in the toybox.
shoes go in the shoe box.
dirty clothes - in the laundry!
books - on the book shelf
pensile, colouring in pens & felts - in the container back on the shelf.
summary? PUT THINGS WHERE THEY BELONG as soon as you're done.
its important to ensure you're consistant with this, excuses like 'ill do it later' or 'im not finished yet' make my eyes roll like crazy.
or at least un plug it when you arent watching it.
the constant flow of energy in the bedroom isnt good for you or your beauty sleep
and i think it promotes anti social family time.
if we watch movies its usually in the living room.
bedrooms are for relaxing, having quiet time & sleep (amongst other things)
its definatly not a place for television... every night anyway.
we are very free spirited in my house hold. you're free to play - be loud & make mess.
we like to make things, be unconventional
we love art - music & chaos
and i think my home dipicts that quite well.
we have candles almost everywhere - you'd be amazed at how much yummy smells wofting through the home can do for the nerves.
we have flowers in the living areas & the bedtoom (when im lucky enough to get flowers)
we have - somewhat - of a theme of some sort in every room
& try not to have wads of unused, unwanted & uneeded crap throughout the home
yes - sometimes we take those stresses home
but you can also clutter your home with negative feelings & exhaustion from work as well
take some time after work either on your drive home or where ever you can
to refocus your mind so that when you get home, you are home.
you'll notice the difference.
what used to take me an entire sunday
takes about 2 hours MAX on that same day (cleaning day)
and through the week, its basically 30 minutes or a little more after work
to get it back to Sunday.
so home, my sanctuary - finally
is where i love to be.
there are so many articles written on how & why you should declutter your home, keep it simple & tips & tricks you can use to make your home stress free & your happy place. these are just a few little tricks we implemented at home to help us (& my anxiety) & maybe they'll work for you too.
so this is my current view
from my favourite place in the entire world: My Bed:

  And the little humans that make my house a home: 

i'd love to hear about your tips & tricks
what you do at home or anything you'd like to share
lets discuss this! 
- Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox

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