Tuesday, September 22, 2015

let's get a little personal today and talk skin
I was staring at my counter the other night and thought
is this extreme? so i thought id share my skin care routine
and hopefully some ladies out there can help me feel a little at ease
because i dont think this is extreme at all - haha

Shall we then?

These products i use every day.
but my combination skin needs a little extra loving
L-R: Nivea Anti-Belmish 3 in 1 cleanser
Neutrogena Naturals purifying scrub 
Frank Face Mask
Sublime 3 in 1 black head wash - scrub - mask
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash
all these products are super affordable and range between $10-$20

i find exfoliating products work best
so these range from extreme exfoliants
to mild - and then a few acne specific product
because my skin's a little tempermental

First off - facemasks! 

These three I use almost daily.
  • Frank face mask & Scrub i use once a week - i've found that it's more friendly on my face than frank body scrub, and it has the same effect. leaves the skin smooth and clears up any red blemishes and scars.
  • Nivea 3 in 1 - i love! i mask with this a few times a week when my skin plays upand use it maybe ever second day as just a face wash, it's super refreshing and smells amazing
  • the Sublime face wash 3 in 1 is specifically formulated to cleanse the pores. i've only been using it for a week but i've noticed how much it's reduced my pores especially on my nose area. i actually scored this bad boy from Fat2Fit when i got my cleane tea - it may be available on their website here 
Face Washes:

Okay, so i obviously have unwanted visitors on my face
let's be real, im sure we've all struggled at one point in our lives -

i like to use Clean & Clear products -
Morning Burst is so good during week days
the citrus infused formula is amazing to wake up to
and the beads help to exfoliate the skin

this Rapid Action Face wash though is HANDS DOWN
my favourite product at the moment.
i have extremely bad skin right now
and it's helped to clear the skin almost instantly.
ive been using it morning and night for the past week
and my skin has cleared up so much
im in absolute love.

What skin care products are you using at the moment?
we'd love to know of anything you recommend
is your routine extreme? - am i the only one? haha
let us know in the comment section

- Stay Beautiful

xo The Other Side ox


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