Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Combined, we have 4 children... So technically this comes from a lot of lived experience in the "Mummy World". You know who the worst people are for bringing down other people's parenting &  playing off kids? Other parents. It is terribly ugly + that shit needs to stop. 

(oh yeah, it's story time) something that's always gotten under our skin is how competitive parents get with other parents. Who's walking first, who started teething first, when your kid crawled or said their first word - when they first slept through the night! Yes! We love celebrating these milestones - no! It doesn't matter who done it first. Sniggering at each other about it or getting judgemental doesn't make you the better parent - it makes you and asshole. So please, stop.

We as parents know how hard it is to parent - it's hard. Especially the first time around. You question of what you're doing is right. You cry, a lot. You're always unsure, but you do your best. If you know all these feelings, what validity does bringing someone else give you? 5 seconds of a false sense of superiority? That's absolute shit - and bad role modelling. 
so if you see a Mother struggling with a terrible two's tantrum in the middle of a busy street - losing hope + dying from the stares of judgement from OTHER PARENTS.. just dont. because you know, that, at one point, was you.

we just want to say - to all the amazing parents out there doing your best and not caring about these false competitions going on in other people's minds - we salute you! You're doing a fan freaking tabstic job! lets uplift eachother rather than bring eachother down
parenting is hard.

xo The Other Side ox 

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