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Sure, we all know that life will change when we have children - regardless of when we decide (or just so happen) to get pregnant. But are we really informed about the realities of becoming a parent? About what it's really like to have a new born baby? How drastically our bodies change? Maybe not...

So here we have, some raw realities we face when we become parents & the truth about children... #TheMumSeries

Let's begin with the truth about pregnancy & some of our favourite tried & true products & tips.

1. Morning Sickness. 
We still have no idea why this is called 'morning sickness' because it doesn't just happen in the morning. It can be triggered by anything. Absolutely anything! We didn't have extreme bouts of morning sickness but there were a few 'incidences' we're more than happy to forget. 
Tip: cold dry toast. Google it. 

2. You can't eat whatever you want.
Aside from nausea & the slightest hint of smells that set you off! There are actually foods you're advised to avoid such as sushi, soft cheese & raw fish. We weren't too fussed about it & our babies turned out fine. But it's good to be well informed about what to avoid and why. 
Tip: ask your GP or Midwife, they're a wealth of knowledge. according to most health studies, you only need the equivalent of 1 banana extra to sustain a health pregnancy

3. Stretch Marks & weight gain: 
As your body grows, it itches. Scratching causes stretch marks - and depending on your body, it's inevitable. Embrace it & enjoy your pregnancy. It's important to stay active while you're pregnant & don't over eat. Getting rid of pregnancy weight isn't easy at all!!! 
Tip: massage your body with specially formulated pregnancy creme to help aid in anti itching and smooth the skin. It isn't fool proof but it does help. Stay active & maintain a healthy diet. It'll be good for baby and for birthing. 

4. Swollen everything! 
The swelling.. Aw the swelling! Ankles, sore feet & water retention. It's uncomfortable asf and makes life a little more difficult during the end of your pregnancy. Del got a swollen nose like a week before she had her oldest child and it drove her insane. 

5. The hormones. 
These ones are a little tricky. They can literally ulster your entire personality. It's quite funny how traits you had while pregnant become evident in your child. You can literally hate people you usually love, be drawn to someone in your family or group of friends & absolutely love them during your pregnancy or have raging fits of jealousy and anger then be in hysterical tears over nothing at all. It's a whirlwind time of emotions. During Pearls pregnancy we were at the Mall ordering butter chicken, she politely asked the man serving for sauce & a little chicken - he replied 'pardon' - she didn't like his tone & burst into tears. Pregnant women. We were pregnant at the same time with our first children & spent every day together. When Pearl was pregnant with her second, she hated me. For real. 
Tip: embrace it. There's nothing you can do about it. 

6. Baby brain
Ever heard this saying? It happens. You can become forgetful - or just a little disoriented at times. Confused... It all goes back to baby brain. It's a reality though. This can have you walking round the supermarket for ages trying to remember you came for toilet paper, it can also have you wondering around the car park looking for your car when you actually caught a bus. 

7. Nesting. 
This usually occurs around the end of your pregnancy before you give birth. A little lead up if you wish. For some reason you have an increasing urge to clean everything. Everything! From wiping walls to washing & washing & rehashing clothing. It's literally like your a mummy bird preparing your nest for your baby. You'll probably spend a lot of time at home during this period which is good. It gets your head in the game. Isn't it amazing that your body instinctively knows when your baby is almost ready to come out.

8. Sex!
so this one varies for some. from experience, if you naturally have a high sex drive this seems to fizzle out during pregnancy. if your sex drive is moderate than there seems to be an increse. some people can literally not keep their hands off their men during pregnancy. i guess you never really know until it happens.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. everything that occurs during pregnancy will later be your own tale to tell and learnt life experience. embrace it, the journey differs for everyone. not all of us are blessed with being able to have children & it's such a precious gift to be able to give life.

we are not health care professionals. These are just our personal views and information we have recieved from professionals during our pregnancies. all pregnancies are unique and differ. please see your LMC or health care professional if you have any queries.

Until Next Time

xo The Other Side ox

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