Friday, November 27, 2015

Part 2 of our #MumSeries, we want to talk about something a little close to our hearts - C-Sections.

Both of us had C-Sections with our first children. Nedell was in labour for 24 hours before Doctors determined she doesnt dialate & cant have a natural birth. Pearl was in labour for a week without contractions and labour pains before they made the decision to c-section baby out for risk of complications during birth for him.

Nedell had another C-Section with baby number 2 & it was determined that she cannot have natural births - some say it's lucky but in reality it isnt. lets discuss shall we

The Truth About C-Sections....

NOTE: If you want to know any information about what a Cesarean Section entails, check out the website www.CesarenSection.info and have look.  here is some insight into how it felt personally after our C-Sections.

1. You Feel Ripped Off
The first time I had a c-section, it was via emergency procedure & I was put to sleep. it's pretty hard seeing your child for the first time (as a first time mother) fully dressed, propped up on her father a solid 3 hours after having her. I remember waiting for everyone to leave the hospital so I could undress her & see her for the first time the way I should have. I believe that birth is a lead up from watching your belly grow for months and months, all the anticipation and excitement put into a moment (or moments upon moments) to this point... this epical peak of pain & finally there's your baby after all your hard work. well, it didnt happen that way & i felt completely ripped off.

2. Baby Blues
I was too embarassed to talk about this at the time, but that natural attachment wasnt so natural. I think, in relfection, that not going through the process of birthing, my body hadnt realised we had a baby so my brain hadnt quite caught up. I felt like i over compensated with forcing myself to be really attentive because it didnt feel natural. That was the worst part. now, dont get me wrong, I loved her the moment I saw her - but it grew over the first few weeks because, again, there wasnt any real process to it. & it was hard.

3. Walking - Number #2's + Passing Wind
They told me I couldnt leave the hospital - both times - until I walked around. went poo's & farted. not even a problem. annoying as hell, but nothing more than that. having to stay in hospital both times for 5 days however was a head ache! you just want to go home, be in your own house & enjoy your baby by yourself. dont force it - not everyone recovers instantaniously. our bodies are all different. just know, it is an issue for some Mothers after surgery.

4. The Scar + Tummy Issue
When they cut your tummy to remove the baby, they're cutting the muscle tissue. you're left with a scar & skin with no muscle. even the thinnest people i know have an issue with this skin that has absolutly no muscle in it. the 'flap'. it is SO ANNOYING!. you have to keep your scar clean, cleaning it is a mission. keeping it dry is a mission & it gets itchy!. it gets smelly while it's healing. it isnt something you want to live with the rest of your life. but it's yours - embrace it & you'll hopefully learn to love it.

5. Lifting + Driving
You shouldnt lift anything heavier than your baby - car seat included. how bloody difficult! it's all apart of the healing process. you also are advised to not drive for a while.. even harder when you're the only person in your home that can drive. the struggle is real. I tried to make the most of it & just relax with my new baby. not so relaxing when you need things from the supermarket & you're not supposed to drive though.

Tip + Trick
Mutton Cloth or Tummy Wraps. Wrapping your tummy after having baby helps to hold in your tummy & assists your body in regaining some of that tummy muscle. It helps alot with the healing and helps to decrease the saggy tummy skin. you'll definately notice the difference & you'll be thankful later on. they usually give this to you at the hospital after your Caesarean Section but you should definately continue wearing it when you return home.

So Yes, Caesareans aren't all bypassing the pain of labour & having a baby. unfortunatly it isnt as pretty as that - dreams are free. hopefully this gave you guys a little bit of insight into what happens after your surgery & if you've had a C-Section - you'll know you arent alone in the woes.

either way, isnt it good to have a baby with a perfect head? - silver linings ladies xo

until next time

xo The Other Side ox

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